From the Times of India “Trafficking survivor saves bar girl”


An empowering story reported by the Times of India “A Faridabad girl, trafficked to Kolkata 12 years ago, took on a ruthless band of traffickers and spent Rs 15,000 of her hard-fought savings to rescue another trafficked girl from a bar in Siliguri recently.
Spurred by the memory of how her own flight to freedom was foiled by her traffickers years ago, she not only reached out to save the 22-year-old bar girl -who was kidnapped as a 12-year-old -but also helped police bust a pan-India racket that was operating for over a decade. A seven-week operation, spread across four states and involving five agencies, succeeded in reuniting the girl with her family in Delhi. Two other trafficked girls, including a minor, were also rescued from Kurukshetra.Read the full article

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