Numbers 2006

Photo by Chris Gunton from
Photo by Chris Gunton from


In 2006, The National Agency against Human Trafficking of Romania, with 15 regional centers in its coordination, was founded; the Agency is responsible for coordinating, evaluating and monitoring the implementation of trafficking policies. In the beginning the emphasis was on staff professional training and on raising awareness campaigns (Aninoşanu, 2012).

The 15 regional centers set up to mirror at a smaller scale the Central Unit, being also composed of police officers, social workers, psychologists and sociologists performing similar tasks at local level. One of the outcomes of Agency involvement was a consistent improvement of the anti-trafficking response, guided by the victim centered approach principle. Programs like transnational referral mechanism, developed within a SEE countries project coordinated by ICMPD, currently implemented by Romanian authorities when Romanian victims are repatriated with agency support or Victims co-ordination during criminal proceedings that facilitated access to justice for an increased number of victims, are some of the measures that contributed to a steady development of anti-trafficking capacity resulting in a decrease of the number of victims in the past years and more successful prosecutions and conviction of perpetrators.

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